Display Rack /Shop fittings

Over 15 years of manufacturing experience, we can supply a full range of shop fittings such as display racks, wall hanging system, Gondola , Hang bar, Straight arms,Counter display , Promotion display rack, Slatwall display & accesories, Slotted Post, Bracket , etc.

DIY Metal Furniture

We supply a full range of Metal fixture for home Furniture such as wall mounted wall bar /top tray , wire shelf,brackets, hanging bar, shoe rack, wire basket, storage wire basket stand, sliding frame & basket, tie rack , book shelf, book table, etc.


    Tel: (86) 0757-85587311/85587302
    Fax: (86) 757-85533232
    Email: [email protected]
    Add: Dazhen Industrial Park ,Dali ,NanHai District ,Foshan City ,Guangdong ,China . PC 528231

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