Quality & Service


Joyings is certified in compliance with the quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 ,our aim is to co-operate with customer that meet it’s requirement for factory audit focus on quality and environmental , social Accountability ,health and Safety, etc
Trainings of professional skills are given to our employees on regular base for the purpose of continuous improvement on the quality of staff and products. 
We ensure that our production processs controlled under the standards of environmental protection in according to ISO 14001 or relevant international standard
we always concentrate on good service and high quality product at most competitive price . Design, Engineering, Planning, Budgeting, Prototypes , Tooling and producing , Quality Control , we focus on all these integral parts to manage our products, that’s also how we service our customer . 
Custom Capabilities
With over 15 years experience in business & manufacturing , our factory is also well equipped  to complete OEM orders which including Tooling design and help all of our customer for turning the design /drawings into real products
Overseas Production
We started exporting our goods to different countries from 2005, all these years, our good service & high quality products always be well praised and introduced as professional manufacturer . our main market include Europe , U.S.A, Russia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia ,etc . currently overseas sales in total account for about 80% of all our sales.


Contact Us


    Tel: (86) 0757-85587311/85587302
    Fax: (86) 757-85533232
    Email: [email protected]
    Add: Dazhen Industrial Park ,Dali ,NanHai District ,Foshan City ,Guangdong ,China . PC 528231

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